More Careful Writing with Waterman Fountain Pens

Fountain PensFor many people an interest in Waterman fountain pens comes from the particular feel of the writing utensil. Others enjoy the scent of the ink that brings them back to the time when these were the only pens widely available. Still, others appreciate the way that using a high quality pen can help them rein in their creative spirit and slow down for more thoughtful and purposeful writing.

The steps to using a fountain pen are fairly simple but in an age when a typo loaded text can be sent with a few keystrokes those small steps can go a long way. As you choose a pen, pick your ink, fill the pen and begin writing you have put a lot of thought into what you are about to do. The result is letter that have a real feel to them, stories that are more carefully detailed, and an experience both richer and more fulfilling as a writer.

When you need to write something truly important consider doing it with the kind of fountain pen that has been key to so many great texts and beautiful letters.

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Fountain Pens and Paper to Help File Your Taxes

Filing TaxesDoing your own taxes can save you money but it could also cost you. While computer programs and all in one websites purport to make the tax filing process as easy as possible they have short comings. For one thing there are little to no avenues to double check your work.

If you have chosen to do your own taxes this year then be sure to go step by step by hand on paper as well. Going over the details of your tax return with a fountain pen will be sure to focus you on the important details that can be the difference between fantastic tax returns and owing the government money.

A fine point on a fountain pen is the best for keeping numbers in line. With all of the technology we tend to employ when accomplishing things it is pretty surprising how helpful something as analogue as a pen and paper can be for getting organized.

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Confident Pen Lines for Artists

Pens for ArtistsOne of the signs of a good artist is a confident brush stroke. For people who sketch using high quality fountain pens confidence is often not in play. Still, there is something to be said for a sketch that seems to have been created whole cloth from nothing with a decisive and confident pen line.

Getting to that point is difficult. Not only does simply learning to let your hand deliver your mind’s vision take a lot of effort but you also have to make calculations to avoid smudges. A confident hand with a pen can go a long way in creating unique images. Rather than the stop and start style often attributed to pencil sketches that are then inked, pen sketches have a grittier immediacy that is palpable.

Choosing the right pen is an important step to developing this kind of aforementioned confidence. More important still is practice and helpful instruction from those who know better. In either case, anyone with a bit of talent and a lot of perseverance can eventually develop these kinds of techniques if you simply put the time in.

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Make a Valentine for Someone Special

Fountain PenIn his new Netflix special American Ham, one-man Internet meme generator and Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman offers some stellar advice to men in relationships. “Make your love a card,” seems like the kind of advice to simple to be helpful. Yet the charms of a handmade card are unlikely to be lost on anyone in a relationship. It indicates thoughtfulness and an opportunity to tell that special someone how you really feel.

This week is Valentine’s Day and as always, American men would do well to heed the advice of television’s Ron Swanson. Find some nice paper, cut a heart or find a pretty photo of flowers to glue to the front of your creation. Inside write a short but sweet message in your best handwriting with a nice fountain pen. When you are done simply hand this beautiful bauble to that special someone. As Offerman says in the special “You will get so kissed.” Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

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When the Lights Go Out a Pen Can Help!

Fountain PensFor most of the Northeast this week the power did not go out. It was good news in the wake of panicked news reports about another “Storm of the Century.” In the end while some parts of New England and beyond still got pounded by heavy snow the overall negative repercussions were relatively few.

So why are we talking about the weather on a blog dedicated to high quality pens and handwriting?

Each storm of this magnitude is a reminder of the frailty of many of the systems that are now central to our lives. If you wanted to write and your computer, smartphone, and other electronic means of doing so were gone would you have available fountain pens and stationary to do so. Since you have landed here you probably would but many folks would not.

Convincing people to truly value pens and paper are one of the many goals we at Penwa hold dear. We want the world to move forward without forgetting all of the very important tactile benefits available to each of us.

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Fountain Pens Add Depth to Text and Drawings

To add depth to both sketches and writing you need the right pen. While you can write anything and everything with any old pen or even a pencil to give that text the weightiness it requires you might want to invest in a fountain pen. Each fountain pen can add a thicker, more pronounced line that offers the text more legibility and personality.

For those of us who draw and look to pens for adding real depth to our art the call for a better pen is more important still. Sketch artists everywhere call on the old analog option of using a high quality pen to make their work leap off of the page in a way that simple sketches or even a low quality pen simply cannot manage.

No matter what your use of pens are a better pen will offer your work a depth of quality that is not apparent in most pens.

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Scheduling for the New Year

PensWith the new year approaching many of us are concerned with scheduling. A year can go by so fast and so many things can fall by the wayside. Luckily each and every one of us have a chance to get out ahead of our year by scheduling in advance.

Pick up a ballpoint pen and a calendar book and just start inputting the most important events of the year. Holidays, birthdays, work events, social events, and more can fill these dates. Obviously you will not have access to everything that is coming up in 2015 but starting here will make you more likely to follow through.

Follow through is everything when it comes to scheduling. Not only should you plan the year out ahead but each day, week, and month should be carefully considered. As you approach a new day you can keep an eye on the time and on your priorities. All you need to get started is a calendar and a trusty ballpoint pen.

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Handwritten Holiday Greetings!

Personalizing your holiday greetings is important. As commercialism overtakes even the most touching of seasons giving your Christmas and Hanukkah cards and gifts a real human touch can go a long way in making the holidays a little more special.

This is why a real greeting from the heart will be so much better than the sentiments that Hallmark and other major greeting card retailers offer up. Part of that charm is definitely the penmanship inside the card. With a high quality fountain pen you can make your lettering easily legible with a bit of that inimitable warmth of your personality.

The right pen goes a long way in making the personal messages in your card into something just a little better than a canned greeting. Make your gifts count this holiday season with the right message, written with the right fountain pen!

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The Seriousness of Sketch Artists

Fountain PenFor artists of all stripes the fine point of a fountain pen is not usually the medium of choice. Fine arts tend to raise the status of items like paint and sculpting beyond the world of sketches. Perhaps one of the problems is the word “sketches” itself. It suggests “doodles” and unseriousness to some. Meanwhile the world of sketch artists doing high quality work that could even be described as high brow seems to grow all the time, even as larger art communities might miss out on this growth.

For people in the world of pen and ink drawings their status likely does not faze them. Instead they continue working quietly in a variety of very specific styles. They develop and end up actually doing their art for work. They find positions at ad agencies, children’s book publishers, comic book companies, and in so many other areas. Sketch artists are real artists with an incredible ability to turn work into something truly special, actual careers!

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Confident Sketches with Pen

Fountain PenFor many artists and illustrators the idea of doing a first draft in a thick fountain pen is absolutely unheard of. The fact is you just cannot turn back when it comes to drawing(or writing for that matter) in pen. Still, the aesthetics of a proper pen drawn sketch are actually quite unique. We have discussed the act of carefully inking a pencil drawing before but simply making your sketches out of pen can have its own remarkable look!

The aesthetic value of drawing with a pen is in the fluidity of the lines. As with painting the confidence of an artist’s hand is generally judged by the fearlessness of their lines. By carefully tracing the picture made by pencil you achieve something more precisely like what you envisioned but it does not reflect positively on your ability to create the work in an organic way. While there is nothing wrong with careful planning in artistic expression there is a vein among critiques and appreciators that look for the wily nature of a straight pen sketch.

No matter how you draw a quality pen is vital for making your work better. Penwa has a variety of brands, makes, and models, including Aurora pens to choose from!

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