Authors and Pens

With the advent of technology, and more and more devices emerging that have word processing capabilities, authors now have a choice of how to write the next great novel. Some can be seen writing on their tablets and phones in coffee shops and parks, but some prefer the old method of Parker rollerball pens and paper.

There\’s just something wonderfully pleasant about the feeling that a Parker rollerball has as it rolls across the blank page. It\’s full of possibilities. Characters, sentences, and stories are all contained in one great pen.

You may think that pen and paper writing is a thing of the past, but you\’d be absolutely wrong. Some of the best selling authors of our time still use this time honored method of writing. JK Rowling for example still writes on everything from notebooks to napkins. She even wrote some of the Harry Potter series on an airline sick bag!

It\’s not uncommon. Many authors say that with technology getting more and more advanced that writing often gets rushed and hurried onto the page. You write too much too fast and things like plot get jumbled. By writing with a pen, you get a little time to breathe and think.

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