Gift Pens

watermen pensPens make great gifts. They are an excellent way to remind people to say in touch and to encourage a loved one to write.

Whether for a recent graduate, close friend or co-workers Watermen pens make great gifts. It could be that extra encouragement someone needs to finally start writing that book they have been talking about. If they are going on a long trip it could the instrument they use to stay in contact with you. It is a lot more personal then email and phone. If they write by mail they can also include pictures and souvenirs of their trip. A quality Watermen pen is of particular importance if you are giving it to someone who is about to travel because you know it will not break down like a laptop or lesser quality pen.


A pen is also great for someone who is entering school again. Granted they will probably be using a computer to complete most of their assignments they will still need to take notes and keep a date book. They will also be taking the time to write to you. Every time they scribble anything down with their new pen they will be thinking of you. This is important of you want to make sure your kids keep in touch through their college years.

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