Pen Pals

sailor penLetter writing is an endangered art. More people are relying on email, text messages, and other less personal forms of communication. If you yearn to practice your letter writing abilities I would suggest purchasing a Sailor pen and signing up for a pen pal program.

Having a pen pal used to be a much more popular past time. Although the internet can grant us instant connection to anywhere in the world there is still something to be said in defense of good, old fashion, letter writing. You can tell a lot about a person by just their handwriting. Email messages are terse and brief. A letter gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a longer form. Having a pen pal also allows you to share photographs and other small moments.

Another great thing about using a Sailor pen to write to a pen pal is that you can connect to people who don’t have internet access. We take internet access for granted but in many part of the world it is a rare luxury. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn about someone who potentially has not even laid eyes on a computer?

Email is great but don’t think that it can ever take the place of traditional letter writing.

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