Colored Pens

Tombow pensColored pens are useful for students, teachers, editors and writers. They are also effective for business people who simply want to work cooperatively to improve written communications. Many of us has memories of teachers handing back papers with bold red marks but criticism can be extremely helpful.

Having a few color pens when editing is always smart, whether editing an academic paper, press release or business document. Red usually means a mistake like a typo, grammatical error or spelling mistake. You can use other colors to indicate other things; blue for suggestions, green for reorganization and expansions and so forth. It makes the editing process a lot faster and allows the person re-writing to do a more comprehensive edit.

You can also use colored pens for more creative or less formal ventures. Invites, notes to loved ones, and doodles can all be done in color. It adds a personal touch and shows that you went the extra mile when sitting down to write. You can take your creativity one step further and do a little illustration. It’s a fun way to pass the time and if you like to draw you will probably enjoy it.

Tombow pens offer many colored selections and other brands like Aurora pens have colored refills for their various models.

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