Gifting Pens

sailor pensPens make great gifts for would be writers, soon to be graduates, business partners and the forgetful. It’s a gift that is general enough to be useful to almost anyone but specific enough to still be important and meaningful. If you are looking for a gift you should consider a Parker Rollerball, Sailor Pen or other high quality pen brand.

The fact of the matter is, everyone uses a pen. Whether they are trying to pen their life story or just sign a check, they have to write with something. If you give someone a pen, every time they reach for it they will think of you. This can be a particular useful evocation if the recipient of the pen is a business acquaintance.  Pens make great gifts for students, too. Although a lot of school work is done by computers certain things, like writing in the margins or test taking, are still done in ink.

A pen is an accessory of sorts so make sure you choose the right match for the recipient. Will they be elegantly pulling it from their purse? Madly scribbling into the night over a work book? There is a right pen for everyone. Now you just have to find it!

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