Write It Down!

Aurora penIf you are anything like me, you have hundreds of things to do in a day. Usually I can complete all tasks I have slated for a given day but every now and then something slips out of the steel trap that is my mind. Since I got an Aurora pen and started writing things down, however, I have been much better about remembering the little things. I thought it would be a crutch but it really has improved my memory.

It is scientifically proven that simply writing something down makes you remember it better, regardless of whether you reference the sheet you wrote on. Getting into the habit of writing things down also boosts your overall memory skills. Try writing things down for a few months, even if the habit doesn’t stick, your memory will be improved.

Writing things down also helps you stay organized. Making to do lists, although a bit annoying does make your more organized. It also helps you record your brilliant, flash in the pan, ideas. You never know when inspiration will strike so having an Aurora pen handy is a good idea. Since inspiration leaves as quickly as it strikes, you need to strike (or write) while the iron is hot.

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